STEP 1: Download the free app “NFC TOOLS” (available on Apple or Android), or if you are using a different platform, download an application that can read/write NFC.

STEP 2: Once installed, go on to the app and click “write”, this is where we will encode your desired link or social platform to send people to when they tap on the Smart Tag.


STEP 3: Click “add record” And select what action you wish to encode in to the Smart Tag, eg: Social Network, Contact, File, Link, Text.


STEP 4: After selecting your desired action, if prompted insert the necessary URL link or the social username information in to the search box and click “OK”.


STEP 5: Click “WRITE” and once the “ready to scan” icon comes up, tap the patch on your phone until it confirms the writing has been successful with a tick ✔️


STEP 6: The Smart Tag is now written to and you are ready to send people to the: Social Network, Contact, File, Link, Text or whatever you encode! Now go ahead, place it on your bag or keyring and utilize the potential of this amazing tool!


ADDITIONAL: If you want to change the link in your Smart Tag, simply go back on to "NFC TOOLS" app, click “other” then “erase tag” and tap the Tag on your phone when prompted. Then repeat steps 1-6 to install your new link.