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The Smart Tag is the first interactive tag within the tennis world that does a whole lot more than just look good! The Smart Tag contains NFC technology which is a wireless transmitting chip used for smartphones! The Smart Tag offers the owner the ability to encode with their smartphone any desired link to a social profile, website, video and it can also provide contact information, files and locations and more...

When someone then taps their phone on the Smart Tag, whatever link or action has been coded into the Smart Tag will trigger the smartphone to open that link on their phone.
This makes promoting just about anything incredibly easy and brings the tennis community much closer together & makes information exchange effortless!

-High Quality, Waterproof & Durable Designs: Not even dirt, dust, water or general wear and tear will prevent our product
looking sharp for many years to come!

-A Great Gift For Friends, Family & Your Practice Buddy: Our Smart Tag range makes a great & gift for anyone you know who
loves the game of tennis!

-Handmade in Great Britain.

Colour: Red & Black.

Material: NFC 213 Chip (circuitry), Cordura (body & cover), Acetate (reflective strip), Aluminium (keyring), .

Dimensions: 6cm (length) * 6cm (width) * 0.1cm (thickness).

Product Applications:

To fully grasp the full potential of this product, we have compiled some of the most beneficial uses for the Smart Tag for individuals, teams, companies and businesses. Please see them below:

Personal & Business Uses:

-Promotion of a personal social media page or forum: Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and most others.

-Promotion of teams, clubs & academies. Get people to join your or promote the team, club, or academy that you are a part of by encoding contact information or the team’s social media page to grow the audience or recruit new members.

-Storing of performance data, training programs, player rankings for players, coaches, recruiters etc...

-Promotion of sponsors. This allows you to promote your sponsor’s items and website if you are an ambassador for a company or brand.

-Promote your own website and company if you’re a business owner or staff. New product launches or special discounts for new items can be encoded so you can promote yourself at games or events or even in your own shop.

-You can offer ambassadors the option to join an affiliate marketing program and use the Smart Tag as a unique marketing tool people can make money with. You could do this by setting up a unique link for the ambassador and paying them a percentage of any sale made using that link.

 It gives the users the chance to make money and be active influencers for your company with word of mouth guaranteed when they are at games and events.

Events & Exhibition Uses:
-Distribute custom emails, sms messages & signatures to fans/clients at meetings or events.
-Use for event registration, sign in & sign out.


BRANDS: iPhone 7 and newer, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, BlackBerry and all other makes of mobile and tablet with NFC capability. Customers need to ensure they have NFC capable devices prior to purchase.
OS: Android, IOS 11 +, Windows, Blackberry, NFC USB, Bluetooth  / internal readers / writers.

Operating Specifics:

-2cm + reading distance.
-Trigger pull down link works with iPhone Xs, XR and 11.
-New IOS update iPhone 7 and on has inbuilt NFC reading.
-Some devices require an NFC reading app from the AppStore or PlayStore.
-Re-writable multiple times (you can change the link as much as you like) and can be locked so the link can’t be changed (after locking cannot be unlocked).


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