Tennis Bag Joke Tag "Servin Bombs" Keyring


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When you're on court for hours at a time, with your coach yelling, your parents glaring & your doubles partner screaming a little bit of humour doesn't go amiss... Introducing Tennis Tags! Our Joke Tag line provides tennis friendly banter and jokes that are sure to crack a smile from any player... With 6 to choose from, you're spoilt for choice!

Our Joke Tags can be attached to bags/keyrings and more! Choose from any of the following top draw tennis teasers:

- "Serving Bombs"
- "Choking Hazard"
- "Don't Double Fault"
- "Low Flying Racket's"
- "Guide To Hitting A Hot Dog"
- "If I'm Losing And I Look Calm"

Colour: Brown.
Material: Tag (brown leather), Keyring (brass).
Dimensions: 12.5cm (length) * 4cm (width) * 0.3cm (thickness).

Why You Should Purchase One RIGHT NOW:

-Stand Out From The Crowd: Our unique designs combined with amusing jokes will leave all your friends & foes
wondering where they can get theirs!

-Don't Fear If You Lose Your Gear: The back of each tag is designed for you to write your name, contact details
& any other relevant information on!

-High Quality, Waterproof & Durable Designs: Not even dirt, dust, water or general wear and tear will prevent our product
looking sharp for many years to come!

-A Great Gift For Friends, Family & Your Practice Buddy: Any of our Joke Tag range makes a great & amusing gift for anyone you know who
loves the game of tennis! 


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